Do you think your prom dress is TOP NOTCH? Win a free session!!!!!

Hey girls! Do you think your prom dress was TOP NOTCH this year? Do you want a chance to win a unique photo shoot with you in your prom dress? Do you want to remember this time with a fun absolutely FABULOUS Urban Prom Dress session that is also ABSOLUTELY FREE??

If you answer YES PLEASE! then follow these steps!

1. Submit your best photo of you in your prom dress

2. Include your name and number and where you got your dress!

3. email your submissions to

4. LIKE KristieLynn Photography and Design on Facebook!


1. We will be accepting submissions until May 5th!!

2. On May 6th the panel of judges will be reviewing all the submissions and narrowing them down to 4 finalists!

3. On May 17th the 4 finalists and the submitted photos will be posted on facebook, myspace, and my blog! That is when the voting will begin to find the girl who has the ultimate TOP NOTCH prom dress!

4. When the finalists are posted ,I will then explain where to go and how everyone is to vote for the person they think has the ultimate top notch dress!

5. Voting will end on May 23rd and the winner will be announced immediately!

p.s. the photo submitted does not have to be of prom day.. it just has to be a photo of you in your prom dress for this yr!

Also booking pre prom sessions with you and your date at a location TBD!


It’s no joke! Justin and Ginene tied the knot! Salt Lake City, UT ~ LDS Temple Wedding Photographer~Phoenix Photographer

FINALLY!!! 😉  Justin and Ginene decided to take that leap of faith and commit to sharing their lives together forever, and on April Fool’s day no less!!!  They were sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple and greeted upon their exit as husband and wife by MANY MANY family and friends, including their bridal party of TWENTY NINE!!!  The sealing at the Salt Lake City Temple was followed by a short ring ceremony and awesome reception at Wheeler Family Farm, in Murray UT.  A gorgeous location!! Having known this couple for some time, and the groom since he was still in high school, I can attest to their love and commitment to one another and their faith. They have a very strong bond and that coupled with their sense of adventure and desire to JUST. HAVE. FUN in life is most definitely going to ensure they ride off into the sunset together forever.  Congratulations Justin and Ginene! I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.  Words of advice….

1. Justin, she’s your wife now! You can no longer run over her with the four wheeler and get away with it easily!!

2. Ginene~ When on four wheeler…WEAR SHOES 😀

Love you guys!!  Thanks for letting me capture the beginning of your life together as one.

I hope you like them!

And just one more, because after our little “jaunt” to find it, I just can’t NOT show it!   The truck……

2012 Senior Representatives {phoenix metro senior photographer} $500 CASH SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED!!!

KristieLynn Photography is looking for FUN, ENERGETIC, & OUTGOING high school Juniors interested in becoming Senior Representatives! I am looking for juniors who will be seniors in 2012 to help promote my business to their friends. Applications will be collected until April 10th, 2011 from anyone interested in becoming one of our Senior Reps.I will choose one female and one male student from each local high school no later than April 12th, 2011.

Do you want to get your senior photo session at a HUGE discount??

How about some great images for Facebook, MySpace, or your blog??

Want to earn some FREE prints, photo albums, or other cool products??

Then you should apply to be a Senior Rep!!

If you are chosen as a Rep, you will represent KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors, and tell your friends about your fabulous photo session throughout your senior year. Don’t leave your junior friends out – tell them too so that they can apply to be a Senior Rep for 2013. For every friend you refer, you will receive special discounts on your senior portrait print order.

How it Works

1. We will do a photo session in April.

2. The images from that session will be used in advertising. You will hand out cards with your images and my information on them to all your friends/classmates/ family.

3. You will also post your images on Facebook or whatever social media you like, show off your images to friends via a proof book that I will make and give to you to use and either return at the end, purchase or, MOST LIKELY, earn to keep FOR FREE!!  (Mom’s love these!)

4. When those people book and complete a session, you will earn incentives towards your own Senior portrait session.

5. In the fall, we will do your full, official senior session. The incentives and discounts you earned from promoting KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors will be applied to your session so that you can get tons of free prints and products!

6. And possibly the most exciting of all!  Each Senior Rep and 2012 Seniors that book and pay for their 2012 Senior sessions from YOUR REFERRALS, will be  put in the running for a great prize package AND a $500 CASH SCHOLARSHIP to put towards those never ending college expenses!! How’s that for  AWESOME?!!?

Cool, huh?!

In order to be a Senior Rep, you have to…

* Have a great style, lots of personality, be outgoing, and enjoy being in front of the camera

* Be a current high school junior graduating in 2012

* Live in and attend school in the Phoenix Metro area

* Be available to have one session completed by April 20th, 2011 – this will be the session that we use to create your marketing materials.

* Agree to tell your friends and classmates about KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors, and share your senior portraits with them.

* Have your parents or legal guardians sign a model release form allowing me to use your images as advertising in print or web format.

* Agree to represent ONLY KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors and use the images as your senior pictures.

* Agree to have your senior portraits done by KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors.

As part of the Senior Rep Program, you will receive…

* Free photo session(s) with unlimited clothing changes. Photos may be completed in one session or several sessions at my discretion. Several locations may be used.

* The opportunity to earn print credits for every person you refer to KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors for your senior portraits (your friends will get perks too!).

* 50 personalized referral cards to give to friends and classmates with your name, your images, and my business information to hand out to your friends.

* Several of our (yours and mine) favorite photos as low-resolution, watermarked files to share on Facebook, MySpace, or other social networking sites.

* Discounts on your print orders when you do your official senior session (discounts apply to orders purchased before the expiration of your gallery).

Referral Discounts

1-5 Referrals – 10% off print order and $20 print credit per referral

6-10 Referrals – 20% off print order and $30 print credit per referral

11+ Referrals – 25% off print order and $40 print credit per referral

When your referrals book a paid session and bring your Rep Card to me, you will receive the above mentioned discounts according to the amount of referrals you bring to me. These referrals can include anyone who books the following sessions: Seniors, Newborn, Family Portraits, Child Portraits, etc.

Additional Information…

* You will receive your Rep Cards by May 1st, 2011.

*We will do your OFFICIAL senior session sometime between October 2011 and February 2012.

* If accepted as a Senior Rep, you will be representing KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors and telling your friends about my business throughout your senior year.

* Your friends and classmates must present your Rep Card in order for you to receive the discounts. All referred classmates will receive 10% off their print/product order with a valid Rep Card. By participating you are getting a free, fun, edgy, personalized, custom photography session and earning incentives and discounts towards your official, full senior portrait session!

Terms & Conditions…

*The first photo session must be completed by April 20th, 2011 of your junior year and your official senior session must be booked (not completed – just scheduled & product deposit of $75 paid) by July 1st, 2011.

*Parent or legal guardians of the Senior Rep must sign a model release allowing me to use the images for advertising purposes.

*A valid Senior Rep card must be presented by a referred student in order to receive any credits toward prints. Credits will only be issued when a referred senior’s session is complete and all session fees are paid in a timely manner by the referred senior.

*The program is first come; first serve so contact me ASAP if you are interested. Remember, I will only accept one female and one male from each high school. If you are ready to apply, click HERE! Got questions? Contact me at or call/text me at 480-437-4792. If you know a senior that would be perfect for the Senior Rep Program, please forward this to them! Become a fan of KristieLynn Photography and Standstill Seniors on Facebook…click HERE!

Are you a 2011 Senior? It’s not too late to do your Senior session. Contact me and let’s schedule your session TODAY!!

Phoenix AZ wedding photographer~ Emily and Ryan

I had the pleasure of photographing this fun bride and groom’s big day last month in Mesa, AZ at Inside the Bungalow, a quaint little coffee shop/yoga retreat tucked downtown. A gorgeous little hideaway tucked in the middle of downtown with tons of quirky quaint, vintage features! Emily was a beautiful bride, and was very clear how much this couple loves each other and I have no doubt they will last a very very long time.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Miller!!


Phoenix, AZ Wedding Photographer~ Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Baltazar

Cece and Eddie were married in a small intimate ceremony in South Phoenix, AZ.  The wedding took place outdoors, followed by a small reception with their family and friends at the Bride’s sister’s home. There were a few glitches along the way but I’m sure this young and very much in love will have many cherished years, despite any bumps along the way!  They make a beautiful couple.

I’m BAAAAaack!

And I’m TERRIBLE at blogging!  Not a huge surprise, I know!  I need to get better at it. A LOT better at it!  So, since it’s March, and this is my what, first, possibly second blog post of the not so New Year, I’m going to start it out with a catching up post of sorts.  When that is done, I’ll hit you all with the AWESOME changes that are happening VERY SOON!

Where to start?



Love I Heart Faces AND my favorite face picture possibly off all time, and definitely of 2010!

She’s a bit sandy, as it was taken on the beach in Daytona Beach FL, where we had the pleasure of residing for 6 months, but THOSE EYES!! Couldn’t you just die?!!  There were others yes, but the eyes in this one just make me melt…it of course doesn’t help that it is MY littlest princess, who has an incredibly bad case of PCS (photographer’s child syndrome) and up until the last few months, looked ANYWHERE but at her mom behind the camera!


I love my job!! WHY you ask?

I LOVE MY JOB!  Not many people can say that.  Is it because I make millions? No.  Is it because I work very little and am reminded daily that I’m irreplaceable? Heck no!  Do I have people walking by patting me on the back and giving me a raise when I’ve done a stellar job? NOT. EVEN!

Then why?

It’s the people I meet. The clients I work with, and the connections that I am allowed to be a part of daily.  It’s the  inside jokes, the little glances, the nerves, the craziness, the laughing, the crying, the screaming babies, rambunctious toddlers with their infectious giggles and sometimes outright orneriness, the shy pre teens, who don’t  know how beautiful they are just yet, and the high school seniors who are just about to embark on this crazy thing we call life!

I, am lucky enough to be a window to all of this.  A way for them to look back someday at what was, or to look at themselves and see what they’ve become.  A mother. A father. A grandparent. A husband. A wife. An adult. I am continually an integral part of helping each person I meet preserve that very moment, and memory forever. Soo….

When I’m up until 1 am proofing sessions while my little ones are sleeping soundly in their beds, and wide awake (using that term loosely, lets just say vertical) at 6am to get them out the door to school on time, all of it is completely worth it because the people I meet, MAKE it worth it. It’s my passion and I hope I always continue to love what I do.

Ok, now that all that sentimental stuff is over (whew! Come on, I know you’re thinking it hehe!)  I have to give a shout out to my OpLove couple Andrew and Cora.  They’re a gorgeous couple that I had the privilege to photograph a Operation Love: Reunited for a couple of weeks ago.  Andrew was redeploying after some much needed R&R for these two newlyweds, and I wanted to get him his album before he left, so I met them in N. Phoenix/Scottsdale to deliver it the night before.  These two are sooo cute.  You can just feel how happy they were to be together again, and I was so happy that I could give them some memories of their time together.   They got me a little thank you gift.  Totally unnecessary, but they definitely know the way to this girl’s heart! In one word….


As an “artist,” and sometimes a starving one at that LOL, I sometimes forego my favorite things to buy things like, FOOD for the kids, gas for the vehicle, you know..those little mundane, not thrilling things we must do to exist!  But this morning, I got to have a Starbucks date with the littlest dude in my life.  And can I just say, that there is nothing better in the morning than a Grande Toffee Mocha iced latte and a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin?!  (and a hot chocolate w/ whipped cream for the little dude)  YUMMY!

Thanks guys! It ROCKED!  (So much, that I may just have to repeat it tomorrow!)  OK, back to EDITING!