Sarah + Michael {San Diego Wedding Photography} Engagement Portraits

Sarah and Michael are so much fun!  Sarah worked with my oldest daughter, Heather, at Nordstroms in San Diego and Heather, being the most awesome oldest daughter that she is, heard about Sarah’s engagement to Michael and of course pestered her daily with the fact that she HAD to check out, my, her momma’s website!  Now, anyone that knows my oldest daughter, knows that she can be a bit obsessive until you do what she wants you to do. (Love you Heather Feather!)  But, in this case, it was a win-win all around!  Sarah and Michael are so much fun, and the camera loves them (always a bonus right?!?)  We met at Balboa Park, which is not only gorgeous, but offers so many different options as far as portrait locations.  We stuck mainly to a couple of gardens and after finding out that the Botanical Garden 😦 was closed, we headed to Seaport Village for some more fun, some awesome water views and a gorgeous sunset.  A perfect SoCal evening for sure!  


Sarah and Michael will be tying the knot at San Bernardo Ranch Inn on September 22nd, 2012 in a small, intimate ceremony, surrounded by their family and closest friends.  I can’t wait to travel west and join them on what is going to prove to be a perfect day!
Here are a few of my faves from our session.















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