Worst Blogger ever! (Ok, not that bad) Jumping back in the game with a contest entry!

Ok, I admit it. I am terrible at blogging. Normally I manage a few posts, but lately I’ve gotten so pitifully behind that it’s a very daunting task just catching up!  BUT, I’m jumping back on the horse and determined to stay on task this time!  I also am going to posting ALL of my sneak peeks via my blog, and not Facebook or Twitter, so be sure to check back often!  But, TODAY, I am going out on a HUGE limb (or a very skinny one) and entering an awesome COVER contest at CHIC Magazine/Chic Critique Forums ! If you’ve never checked it out, you truly should do so…like NOW!  It is full of great info and gorgeous images from some fantastically, no, make that ASTRONOMICALLY talented WOMEN photographers!  If I were to ever grace the cover, I would be humbled in their presence.  There is some awesome awesome talent over there!  Without further ado, I’m going to (re)introduce you to Gaby.  You may remember Gaby and her fiance Alexander (if you dust off the cobwebs) from my 2012 Wedding Contest.  They not only won my contest, but they are the sweetest couple.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in July!  Did I mention GORGEOUS?




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