Renee + Andrew <3 Arizona Engagement Photography~ Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing “Miss Graham” and her handsome other half, Andrew down near Tempe Town Lake.  “Miss Graham” forever now referred to as Renee, you see, was my Kylie’s 2nd grade teacher for the short time she was in the 2nd grade. (She skipped ahead to third down here in sunny AZ!)  Renee and Andrew had originally planned a spring break wedding to coincide with her built in time away from her students, but plans changed when Mr. Van Allen decided to join the Army.  Now, the wedding is taking place in Feb.  just a very SHORT MONTH AWAY!!!

Now, I’ll admit…I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Would she be nervous being that I was a former (barely) student’s mom?  Nope!  Would Andrew relax in front of the camera? Most guys take a while to warm up to the camera, unless they’ve previously modeled since the age of 3…Not Andrew! This pair was sooo much fun to work with.  They both made my job super duper easy, which we all know is a major plus in any line of work, but especially mine!  So, without further ado, please enjoy the day we had from wherever you are, be it sunny AZ, or the cold north.  A perfectly calm, 78 degree January day at the lake! Thanks guys! I can’t wait to share your day with you again!




One thought on “Renee + Andrew <3 Arizona Engagement Photography~ Phoenix Wedding Photographer

  1. Congratulations, Andrew & Renee.
    Renee you are a beautiful woman…I just know
    you’re going to be breathtaking on your wedding
    day…continue to love and have deep respect for
    the gift Almighty God have given you – each other.
    Kristie, you’re amazing…great job!!!

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