With this ring…I thee wed. Jenn and Tyler~ Arizona Wedding Photographer~ Phoenix, AZ

I had the pleasure recently of sharing the day with a very special couple, Jenn and Tyler. Tyler had just returned from his tour of duty in Iraq and they wanted their garden dream wedding, but weren’t sure how it was all going to happen on a soldier’s pay scale and very little planning time.  It turns out, there were quite a few people willing to step in and help this young couple realize their dream.  The venue, The Japanese Friendship Gardens of Phoenix was donated, and Channel 12 News covered the event. And that’s just for starters!

The day didn’t go off without it’s challenges, namely pouring rain in our great, normally sunny and DRY desert, but the clouds parted and it dried out just moments before the ceremony, leaving us all with a gorgeous day ahead. Let’s not mention the the fact that Jenn, our gorgeous bride had badly sprained her ankle days before the big event and was in a walking splint!!  Albeit a very blingy (see pics) decked out in zebra walking boot! It was perfect!

I can only wish these two the best.  Thank you again Tyler for your service to your country, and Jenn, just keep smiling! You’ll be together again soon! FOR GOOD!


And they lived Happily. Ever. After.


One thought on “With this ring…I thee wed. Jenn and Tyler~ Arizona Wedding Photographer~ Phoenix, AZ

  1. Congratulations!…Tyler& Jenn.
    A very special day indeed. May the two
    of you continue growing in love and deep respect
    for each other…it will take you the distance!
    I was very intrigued with the bouquet…and how it
    complimented your boot…really cute!…the photo
    shoot was very refreshing…loved it!

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