Happy Halloween Family Session~ Phoenix, AZ Family Portrait Photographer

This was a fun and quick session with a great little family, in a quite unorthodox location….a Glendale CEMETERY!!!  Eva is a friend of another client, and we were originally going to do newborn pics for her little guy, who was a preemie but between conflicting schedules, sick babies and lack of time, we didn’t get around to it until now.  But that’s ok, because I got to meet the entire family this time! Big brother Aiden, who is 6, has special needs, and is just a complete doll! We hit it off right away, and I’ll be doing a Hero Session for him very soon through Inspiration Through Art, which is a FANTASTIC group of volunteer photographers that provide free sessions to children with chronic, and terminal conditions and illnesses.  Baby brother Shawn is nearing 6 months and is just precious.  He was full of smiles until he decided he’d had enough of me bothering him, and Mom and Dad were relaxed and natural!   Here is a quick sneak peek! I’ll be posting more later in the week! I’m swimming in a see of editing and homework!



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