Do you think your prom dress is TOP NOTCH? Win a free session!!!!!

Hey girls! Do you think your prom dress was TOP NOTCH this year? Do you want a chance to win a unique photo shoot with you in your prom dress? Do you want to remember this time with a fun absolutely FABULOUS Urban Prom Dress session that is also ABSOLUTELY FREE??

If you answer YES PLEASE! then follow these steps!

1. Submit your best photo of you in your prom dress

2. Include your name and number and where you got your dress!

3. email your submissions to

4. LIKE KristieLynn Photography and Design on Facebook!


1. We will be accepting submissions until May 5th!!

2. On May 6th the panel of judges will be reviewing all the submissions and narrowing them down to 4 finalists!

3. On May 17th the 4 finalists and the submitted photos will be posted on facebook, myspace, and my blog! That is when the voting will begin to find the girl who has the ultimate TOP NOTCH prom dress!

4. When the finalists are posted ,I will then explain where to go and how everyone is to vote for the person they think has the ultimate top notch dress!

5. Voting will end on May 23rd and the winner will be announced immediately!

p.s. the photo submitted does not have to be of prom day.. it just has to be a photo of you in your prom dress for this yr!

Also booking pre prom sessions with you and your date at a location TBD!


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