I love my job!! WHY you ask?

I LOVE MY JOB!  Not many people can say that.  Is it because I make millions? No.  Is it because I work very little and am reminded daily that I’m irreplaceable? Heck no!  Do I have people walking by patting me on the back and giving me a raise when I’ve done a stellar job? NOT. EVEN!

Then why?

It’s the people I meet. The clients I work with, and the connections that I am allowed to be a part of daily.  It’s the  inside jokes, the little glances, the nerves, the craziness, the laughing, the crying, the screaming babies, rambunctious toddlers with their infectious giggles and sometimes outright orneriness, the shy pre teens, who don’t  know how beautiful they are just yet, and the high school seniors who are just about to embark on this crazy thing we call life!

I, am lucky enough to be a window to all of this.  A way for them to look back someday at what was, or to look at themselves and see what they’ve become.  A mother. A father. A grandparent. A husband. A wife. An adult. I am continually an integral part of helping each person I meet preserve that very moment, and memory forever. Soo….

When I’m up until 1 am proofing sessions while my little ones are sleeping soundly in their beds, and wide awake (using that term loosely, lets just say vertical) at 6am to get them out the door to school on time, all of it is completely worth it because the people I meet, MAKE it worth it. It’s my passion and I hope I always continue to love what I do.

Ok, now that all that sentimental stuff is over (whew! Come on, I know you’re thinking it hehe!)  I have to give a shout out to my OpLove couple Andrew and Cora.  They’re a gorgeous couple that I had the privilege to photograph a Operation Love: Reunited for a couple of weeks ago.  Andrew was redeploying after some much needed R&R for these two newlyweds, and I wanted to get him his album before he left, so I met them in N. Phoenix/Scottsdale to deliver it the night before.  These two are sooo cute.  You can just feel how happy they were to be together again, and I was so happy that I could give them some memories of their time together.   They got me a little thank you gift.  Totally unnecessary, but they definitely know the way to this girl’s heart! In one word….


As an “artist,” and sometimes a starving one at that LOL, I sometimes forego my favorite things to buy things like, FOOD for the kids, gas for the vehicle, you know..those little mundane, not thrilling things we must do to exist!  But this morning, I got to have a Starbucks date with the littlest dude in my life.  And can I just say, that there is nothing better in the morning than a Grande Toffee Mocha iced latte and a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin?!  (and a hot chocolate w/ whipped cream for the little dude)  YUMMY!

Thanks guys! It ROCKED!  (So much, that I may just have to repeat it tomorrow!)  OK, back to EDITING!


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