Life is funny sometimes….

I hope ya’ll don’t mind a personal post as opposed to a business one, but I was sitting here pondering the last couple of months (ok the last 6 months) and it is just funny how life works sometimes!  We moved from MT to sunny FL Jan. 25th to have fun, work on the beach and I was rebuilding my biz there from the ground up.  No offense but absolutely NOTHING good happened in FL.  NOTHING!  Well, ok, aside from Jayce’s preschool/daycare, everything sucked. People were not friendly for the most part, very guarded and rude a lot of the time.  Coming from the friendly laid back west, that was a shocker.  The beach business was honestly a joke…we would have starved had we stayed.  I started picking up Photography clients, networking, rebuilding and ran into a scam artist from H-E double hockeysticks that threw me entirely off track, messed with my mojo and well, was just a plain (enter not so nice word or two here)!  Not to mention any names “RUDY SNOW” but if you meet him, run like crazy!  He’s a very untalented JOKE.  Anyways, back to the subject of my post hehe…It’s funny how life works.  We were supose to move to FL, buy a house w/ a pool, settle down and raise the two youngest monkeys and ENJOY LIFE!  Fast forward to July 1! We packed up the truck, with our stuff, 5 kids (19-4 so 4 kids and one college young WOMAN) a puppy and 2 hamsters and headed west, to SUNNY, HOT (it’s a dry heat YAY!) Arizona!  I couldn’t be happier.  I’m ready to hit the ground at full speed. I’ve already booked a couple of fashion/headshot sessions and am looking to book some families and children in the very near future.  Oh..and that house with the pool??? We found it, two houses down from my mom…whom I haven’t lived in the same city as since 1991!  Life is funny that way….so enjoy the bumps, bruises and complete wipeouts….you’ll eventually get to where you are suppose to be.


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